Organic Cashew

This product group is online since 2024. It comes from our daugther company in Senegal, West-Africa.
We founded Espen Organics Sénégal (EOSEN) Sarl in 2021. Driving force was and still is David Jordan.

If you buy this product, you contribute to the rural development of an neglected area in the sudano-sahelain region.
You back up an industry which provides 150 new jobs as the nuts are now being processed at site while they had been exported previously to Asian.
Buying Cashew Kernals encourages peasents to plant more trees. Trees which cover the soil, protect against eroision and makes farm systems more resilent against draught and climate change. Moreover, trees fix CO² over long periods of time.

Not to forget about the short connections between Senegal and Europe. Ships get along with 1/10 of the fossile energy to cover this distance in comparison to the routing over Asian processors and back again to European consumer markets. Its the shortest connection of a a delecious and healthy tree our tables.   It's vegan, too...!

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