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E-Bass Kit
89,00 EUR
Billiard Shaft Hard Maple Prime, 31x31x780mm
13,80 EUR
Top European Walnut Burl dark / oscuro, 2-pcs.  8mm - Unique Piece #018
152,00 EUR

New product

Head Stock Veneer Bocote with Sapwood
18,00 EUR
Set of Blanks for Clarinet East African Blackwood Bell 90x90x135mm
For export outside the EU this product requires a valid CITES Re-Export Permit
89,50 EUR

Tonewood for Guitars, String Instruments and Woodwind of all kinds, Wood for Turnery and more...

Please observe:
All our wood articles are rough sawn - unless otherwise stated. If desired, we offer planing and grinding service etc. Please order along with your wood!
Wood is a natural product. There are always variations from item to item.