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Neck Mahagony (Swietenia) plain, edge-glued, 740x120x33mm
CITES available
69,76 EUR


Top American Myrtlewood, 2-pcs. 8mm Unique Piece #012
Only 222,00 EUR
Top Royal White Ebony  8mm Unique Piece #010
Only 129,00 EUR

New product

Bow Blank Cello Guatambu - Pao Mafim
52,00 EUR
Bow Blank Violine Guatambu - Pao Mafim
45,00 EUR
Bow Blank Violin Camel Thorn Acacia Lucchi  5800 - 6000
96,00 EUR
Neck Michigan Maple, plain A, half quarter-sawn 1100x110x48mm
68,00 EUR

Tonewood for Guitars, String Instruments and Woodwind of all kinds, Wood for Turnery and more...

Please observe:
All our wood articles are rough sawn - unless otherwise stated. If desired, we offer planing and grinding service etc. Please order along with your wood!
Wood is a natural product. There are always variations from item to item.